Usable Software Design


24th November, 15:30-16:00

As a manager, you probably have at least of the following issues:

1. It takes too long for a new developer to integrate in an existing team, working on an existing product
2. The development should move faster
3. The development team makes (too many) mistakes
4. The developers are not motivated enough

Industrial designers had similar problems in the 60's. You had to read long user manuals to start using a product. The users were making mistakes, sometimes leading to catastrophic failures. People used products because they had to, not because it was nice to do it. They solved this through the revolution of user-centric design and, later, usability. By placing the user of their products in the center, they changed the perspective and allowed us to start using smartphones and applications without reading manuals and without making mistakes.

This talk is about the usability revolution applied to software design. This revolution starts from a realization: the user of the software design is the developer who works with it. By applying UX techniques to software design, we can obtain the following economic benefits:

1. Faster integration of new developers in the team (learnability)
2. Faster time to implement typical (not simple) tasks (efficiency)
3. Making less mistakes (mistake-proofing)
4. Feeling more motivated (satisfaction)

Join me to discuss the benefits, some of the practices and ideas around Usable Software Design.

Alexandru Bobloacă

Mozaic Works

I am a passionate software developer, continuous learner, mentor and teacher at Mozaic Works. I am a polyglot programmer, I love challenges and I use all the techniques I know to overcome them. Since last year, I develop products. Some info about me: Facilitated first Code Retreat outside US (with Maria Diaconu) and helped define the format 15 yrs of software dev 5 yrs of C++ 7 yrs of C# 5 years of teaching, mentoring, coaching I love software architecture, design, programming. I'm learning how to create great products Helped creating the AgileWorks communities in 6 cities around Romania Don't hesitate to contact me for advice, pair programming (even remote) or growth opportunities in the industry on my website alexbolboaca.ro or through Mozaic Works mozaicworks.com.