Hands on Lab

Programming collaborative robots with ROS


25th November, 15:30-16:00

Get to know Baxter, a forerunner of the next robot generation.

See and learn what it can do, and get a sneak peek into the development process and tools.

Péter Magó


I am really fond of robotics and electronics, that’s why I have a degree in Robotics and Mechatronics.
I am mostly focused on hardware, so I am really glad that we have a Baxter robot at Accenture and I can exercise my robotics skills with him.

Tófalvi László


I am passionate about experimenting with new technologies, advocating and applying them in a useful way.
As a Software Engineering Consultant I provide mentoring, learning, technical support, prototypes and custom solutions.
My 16-year experience includes industrial software development, re-design, modernization, security assessments, outsourcing and knowledge-transfer.
As a robotics enthusiast I also develop various robotics demos to showcase their capabilities and their potential role in industy.