Technical Sessions - Java

Low Latency in Java 8


25th November, 14:00-15:00

How can new features in Java 8 be used to make writing Low Latency application easier? How do you tune garbage creation in the use of Lambdas?

Writing Low Latency applications means using the subset of a language which performs consistently.  Can Streams and Lambdas be used in this context?
What are some of the practical performance considerations?
When does it make sense to use parallelStream()?

Peter Lawrey

Higher Frequency Trading

Peter Lawrey likes to inspire developers to improve the craftmanship of their solutions, engineer their systems for simplicity and performance, and enjoy their work more by being creative and innovative. He has a popular blog “Vanilla Java” which gets 120K page views per months, is 3rd on StackOverflow.com for [Java] and 2nd for [concurrency], and is lead developer of the OpenHFT project which includes support for off heap memory, thread pinning and low latency persistence and IPC (as low as 100 nano-seconds)