Large-scale Data Analytics for Smart City and Industrial Applications


25th November, 16:50-17:20

Regardless of the domain a data analytics solutions has mainly one challenge: to convert four Vs into one V.
Starting from the data, which main characteristics are Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity, the data analytics solution has to provide Value out of it.
The Value has several facets like: a better position on the market, better services to customers, more versatile industrial application.
This trend is represented nowadays by the shift from descriptive and diagnostic analytics to predictive and prescriptive analytics.
During the presentation, we will analyze these aspects with relevant examples from smart cities, industry and energy domains.

Dan Puiu


Dan Puiu is a research engineer at Siemens Corporate Technology working on Business Analytics and Monitoring department. He has been involved in several projects funded by the European Union in the domain of Internet of Things and Smart Cities.
In all projects, he worked in partnership various research institute, companies and universities from European Union.
He has experience in developing large scale data analytics applications for transportation (cold chain logistics), city traffic monitoring, industry (gas turbines) and smart grids.
His research interests include complex event processing, machine learning and data mining, semantic technologies, autonomic computing.