Trends & Leadership Session

Future of Work and Innovation in Product Development


24th November, 10:40-11:10

From my personal view as the co-founder of Catalysts, the success of a startup depends mainly on two aspects: the work environment and the innovation potential.

Regarding the work environment, a company has to embrace the idea that its employees are individual beings with different, often complementary, but also sometimes contradictory strengths, needs and attitudes. In order to function effectively, such a complex social and economic entity like a startup requires a flexible and adaptable working schedule, an informal and familiar communication system and team-building activities to promote not only team-cohesion, but also balance and health. At Catalysts, we regularly organize so-called FUNtastic Events. All employees are invited to join, together with their family and partners. These events we loved most: FUNtasic Hockey, FUNtasic go-kart racing, FUNtasic Bowling Night, FUNtasic wakeboarding, FUNtasic Segwaytour …

Innovation is the other fundamental aspect of modern management, especially in the IT sector where the next technological revolution is usually just waiting around the corner. When it comes to innovation, it's important to constantly keep your eyes open, to look for new technologies and applications. You need to remain innovative and to leave the beaten track. You need to encourage risk taking, experimentation and failure in order to get an early understanding on new technologies and trends, analyze their capabilities and know their advantages and disadvantages.

In the complex and wide-ranging process of product development, innovation plays a vital role and has a major impact on the public perception of a company and on the consumer behavior. That's why we can't rely on spontaneous ideas and pure creativity only, but must combine these elements with empiric analysis and scientific research in order to secure the success of an innovative product.

Christoph  Steindl

CEO Catalysts Software

Dr. Christoph Steindl is a passionate software developer from Austria with an extensive activity in both academics and business. Since 1995, he has been working as a lecturer (full time for 5 years, thereafter part time) at prestigious universities in Austria (Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Technical University in Vienna, University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg). In 2005, he founded Catalysts, one of the leading IT Companies in Austria, which also entered the Romanian market in 2012 and currently operates an office in Cluj-Napoca. Catalysts develops individual software solutions focusing on 3 key aspects:

  • Large-Scale Agile Projects
  • High Performance Computing
  • Big Data and Machine Learning

Large international customers of Catalysts are (besides others): Porsche / VW, ESA (European Space Agency), DB-Schenker, Raiffeisen, Kapsch, and DOKA. Currently, 140 software developers work at Catalysts who verifiably count to the best 0.5% of all software developers in Europe.